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Rowmark Australia Blog | Health and Wellness | Get Checked Out Regularly ›

With each edition we would like to share illustrations from David Beards great little book called, "If I'd only known I'd live this long". People are often fanatical about making sure their car gets regularly serviced. We need to think about our bodies in the same way. Many people pay attention to their cars, but not their bodies. Men especially ignore small changes or warning signs and too often wait until a major health scare forces them to seek the advice of a health professional. Health professionals advocate regular checks of certain indicators to identify potential problems before they can...

Rowmark Australia Blog | Product Highlights | Premium Hardwoods ›

With a growing demand for natural products, Rowmark’s Premium Hardwoods add a touch of class, elegance, nostalgia, ruggedness, strength or warmth to any type of product. Constructed of five single-ply, high quality hardwood layers (or veneers) that are laminated together with the wood grains stacked at right angles to each other for added strength, stiffness and dimensional stability. This collection of Oak, Maple, Walnut, Mahogany and Cherry laminates are laserable on both sides and available in 3mm and 6mm in stock sheet sizes of 300 x 600mm and 450 x 600mm and are not sealed allowing users to stain the...

Rowmark Australia Blog | Sign of the Month | Rowmarkable ›

Our Sign of the Month packs are excellent value with a ready to make Rowmarkable sign, all set to go, with cdr fabrication files and all materials for you to replicate this month’s sign. Featuring Rowmark’s quality performers; the Premium Hardwoods, ColorHues, LaserMAX and ADA laminates, this pack represents the most cost-effective combination of Rowmark materials you can get to make a sign. With over 2000 products, from 28 different product groups, we know many customers are unaware of the diverse and different solutions Rowmark can deliver. We see this as a creative way for you to try different products...

Rowmark Australia Blog | DPI Checking | Photo Quality on Materials ›

Point 1: This chart is good to put through your laser as a standard grayscale colour chart. Point 2: You can laser the chart onto whatever material you are wanting to use in your laser.Using your laser machine’s printer driver and selecting the correct DPI, POWER & SPEED for the desired result. This will control the darkness that you wish to see on your material. Click Here to download   Your voice is extremely valuable, that is why we would love hearing from you on our comments section below. It will help us offer you more rowmarkable experiences.

Rowmark Australia Blog | Menu Ready | Nerida Cooper | Part 2 ›

Walnut is my preferred finish because the textures are so interesting, each piece is different and the contrast when engraving the logo deep into the material is so effective.” “I’m also working on the other side of my creative branch, which is making menu covers with both traditional and funky fun fabrics. They have creative twists to make the menu covers enhance any environment.” Nerida first saw the Rowmark range at their stand at the Visual Impact show in Sydney last year. Chatting with Yvonne, Nerida was impressed by both the range of materials and finishes available, but also by...

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