Rowmark Australia Blog | Health and Wellness | June 2017

With each edition we would like to share illustrations from David Beards
great little book called, "If I'd only known I'd live this long".


As David Beard Accept what comes you way picturewe grow older many things have the potential to frustrate. From other people, to changes in the way things are done, to the frustrations of not being able to do something that you use to.

If it is something you can influence, then get in there and do what you can to get the outcome you want. However, if it is something you have no control over, it is best to accept and deal with it the best way you can. Otherwise, the stress and anxiety you generate internally can damage your health. All that worry is not worth it.

You will usually find that people who can accept what life deals them and move on are the happiest and most contented. With each passing moment, the amount of life we have decreases, so why waste even a second being upset or frustrated about something out of your control?

David is a highly qualified exercise physiologist, speaker and presenter specialising in aging and wellbeing. His series of humorous illustration that are thought out the book highlights his serious message that health is our greatest asset in old age and that your attitude makes the difference between thriving and surviving. Further details about David can be found at and


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