CorelDraw Tips and Techniques (eCut 6)

For this first edition of CorelDraw tips, techniques and new ideas. I wanted to take a look at some macro plugins or you may call them Apps, that people are using out in our industry. To help them beter adapt the CorelDraw working platform, to produce a better finished artwork across more machine applications faster. There are mani Corel plugins that are available for free or sale online, I just wanted to look at 2.


What is eCut?

This remarkable plugin for CorelDraw allows many advanced utilities for designers who work with Lasers, Router/Engravers, FlatBed Print or Vinyl, eCut has more than 40 different functions which include the design of outdoor signs, light boxes, neon and LED signs. Easy position rego marks and easy contour applications for print  and cut out.

New coding with this new Corel X8 version has made the user interface more friendly.

eCut - Is a separe DLL, and you can launch only using macros. That is why VBA is necessary to use the plugin. go to see online tutorials or to download a trial version of the plugin.

Oberon Curveworks

This plugin is really cool at minimising nodes and cleaning up intersections or overlays with the click of a macro button.

  • Remove Overlap and Remove Intersections: remove overlapping areas of a curve:


  • Connect Curves and Join Curves: join open curves together to form a single closed curve:

  • Fuse Curves: joins open curves whose endpoints coincide.
  • Explode: breaks apart curves so each segment becomes an independent curve object.
  • Cut Curves: divide curves at each intersection point:

  • Fillet and Chamfer: create round/bevelled corners for any cusp curve node:

Check out the trial version


As part of our CorelDraw training seminars starting in November this year we will be looking at how to use these tools with Laser, Engravers/Rounters and UV printers.