CorelDraw Tips and Techniques - November 2016

CorelDraw Tips and Techniques

Super Size Your Next Job
No Tables Size is to Small

This is a standard 24 bit Colour RGB image.

CorelDraw Tips and Techniques IStep 1: Resample Bitmap to 2000 dpi at the finished out put size.

Step 2: Change Bitmap mode from colour to black & white 1 bit mode.

Step 3: In the 1 bit conversion drop down change to line art and play with the threshold slider to get the image the way you want it to look. Less black or more black.

Step 4: Then go to the trace bitmap/NOT QUICK TRACE. Use outline trace/LINEART. In the trace dialogue make sure you remove the back ground from the entire image. You can specify the colour with the eye dropper and shift key down for multiple selection to take out. This works with colour logos as well.

Step 5: Make your box size or container needed. Say we do a 3M x 2M wall and break the image down to 600mm x 300mm pieces.

Step 6: Place the boxes which have been combined over the image which has been traced and then go to object menu then PowerClip menu go to inside frame.

Step 7: Hit CTRL-K which will break the containers apart. You then have all your small bowes that you can Raster engrave or Vector cutout all the small pieces for a parquetry master piece.

CorelDraw Quick Key Chart for Alignmen Keys