Product Highlights - November 2016

Product Highlights

Rowmark Expands
Metal Graph Plus Line

Metalgraph Plus was the first Metallic engraving laminate engineered and formulated for exceptional corrosion resistances and UV stability. Its integrated hard coat and sub-surface brush finishes provides superior protection for exterior applications, moisture and fingerprint resistant. Now a cost-effective, lightweight alternative for fabricating indoor/outdoor vector cut-outs and letters in place of real brass, metal, or stainless steel.

Rowmark’s new line of textured MetalGraph Plus® products provide increased versatility for demanding indoor and outdoor signage, lettering, and cut-out applications. Combining the look of brilliant metal with a classic textured finish available in a variety of lustrous metallic colour options, including Gold, Nickel, and Copper, over a black core and Gold and Silver with the same cap and core colour. Design to eliminating the need for customers to paint the sheet edges for colour consistency.