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Direct Color Systems® continues to show why their range of Direct Jet UV LED Printers are the Leaders in the UV LED Printer market through their continued Innovation to make them the most Versatile UV LED Printer available anywhere in the world today.

First was their unmatched Adhesion and Chemical Resistance of the Direct Jet UV LED Inks. (pictured right)

Then there was the Incredible TEXTUR3D™ Printing which would change how people viewed UV LED Printing forever and lead us to industry changing applications! (pictured left)

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One such application which changed the Industry and seen the competition try to replicate is Digital Braille Signage. This Patent-pending print application allows customers to quickly and economically produce high quality, Compliant Braille Signage in just 1-2 print passes onto substrates such as Rowmark plastics, Acrylic, Aluminium, SNA and Stainless Steel. (pictured below)

For more details on Digital Braille click here: ada-compliant-braille-sign-printers/
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Next came Cylindrical Printing. The EasyCyl has proven to be a quick and easy to install accessory that has enabled the Direct Jet UV LED Printer to produce stunning full colour images, both flat and textured, onto cylindrical items such as bottles, tubes, cups, glasses and more. (pictured below right)

For more details on Cylindrical Printing click here: bottle-cylindrical-printing/
ElectroUV3D and Cilindrical Printing samples image

One application not many would be aware of is the Direct Jet UV LED printers are also used in 2D and 3D additive manufacturing processes. Many of the features that have made the Direct Jet UV LED printer models the ideal solution for UV LED ink printing are available for printing conductive liquids with the ElectroUV3D line of printers. New features include ChemCubed jettable liquids, multi-layer processes, and electronic component printing. (pictured above)

Direct-to-Garment T-shirts sample image

Then most recently, another major innovation and industry changer is Direct-to-Garment (DTG) printing. This patentpending process* on the DCS UV LED printer range not only allows the creation of high strength and durable prints direct to garments without harsh chemical pretreatments, but also stretches the range of garments across 100% cotton, cotton blends, 100% Polyester, and synthetic blends. (pictured above right)

*available on Direct Jet UV LED F4 Edition printers only

For more details on Direct-to-Garment Printing click here: dtg-t-shirt-printing/