Good to Go with LaserGlow


Insignius Distinctive Signage chooses Rowmark LaserGlow for important photo luminescent safety and wayfinding signage project.

As creators of a range of signage that ranges from specialist metal printed products to photochemical machining of bespoke civic art and creative pieces, the team at Insignius Signs, (part of Engraving Services Co) are experts in the field.

Kathy and Peter bought Engraving Services Co in 2003 and Allied Metal Printers and Engravers (AMPE Signs) in 2008: AMPE was renamed Insignius under the ESC brand. Peter had worked in the protective coatings industry and Kathy had many years running small business and has been a professional photographer branching into specialist artistic work.

Recently, the company had to produce a range of safety and wayfinding signage for client AWD/ASC AllianceLaserGlow Normal Light. This required the use of, “photo luminescent products intermixed with our own bespoke photo luminescent product range,” said Kathy Vasic, @insigniussigns. The company chose to go with a trusted product, LaserGlow from Rowmark.

“Laser Glow has been the product we use due to its quality, specifications and technical back up data,” said Kathy. “As a result it has allowed us to utilise LaserGlow in our photo luminescent product mix for Marine, Defence and Ship building requirements.”

What is also important is that Rowmark back their products with quality technical and safety data that is congruous with our data transparency and professional standards. The support from Rowmark Australia assisting our company to meet deadlines and their forthright delivery of information with specifications and technical assistance left all other alternatives wanting. The shrug of the shoulders responses from other suppliers made our decision to run with Rowmark Australia a simple decision. Rowmark have a great team of dedicated professionals. Tom Johns always goes beyond what one would normally expect from a supplier. Service, quality and competitiveness are what count, and Rowmark Australia hits the sweet spot.”

Hobart Royal Australian Navy Hobart Air Warfare Destroyer AWD

"Working with LaserGlow was easy, it’s a quality material that exhibits consistency producing excellent products,” said Kathy.

The completed work achieved the desired results, meeting all the expectations and standards required for this type of wayfinding signage.

People tend to forget how important luminescent wayfinding signage is until they actually need it, so it’s reassuring to know that, in this instance, the best product for the job is in use.

It’s easy to see why the Insignius team have so much on the go, their collaborative creativity lets them push boundaries with a range of mediums and processes, becoming the go to company for large format photo chemical milling processes, specialists in Brass, Bronze, Copper, Stainless Steel and Aluminium.

“There are processes that we have developed that allow us to assist a variety of like minded and competitor companies, architects and designers across Australia,” said Kathy.

“The in-house design and production extends past the basic fundamental aspects and incorporates absolute specialist metal processing and decoration capabilities that allow extreme long life products, signs and interpretive structures to be developed and installed."

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