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Rowmark Australia Newsletter Issue 7 Health and Wellness Quote

While an enjoyable old age is certainly dependent on the things you do in your life, staying alive is also about the things you need not to do. If you want a long life, it is important that you realise the impact these lifestyle habits can have on the quality and quantity of your life.

The list of things NOT to DO includes:
Smoking – Drinking too much alcohol – Eating too much and becoming over weight – Avoiding your doctor – Watching too much TV – Ignoring warning signs, changes in your skin colour, shortness of breath, pain, (lumps etc) – Spending too long in the sun – Driving too fast or without a seatbelt.
Believing everything politicians say

Rowmark Australia Newsletter Issue 7 Health and Wellness

While many older people say, “It’s too late for me” or “I’ve been doing it all my life ”any positive change in habits will make a difference. Lifestyle changes can make a difference whether you are 30 or 90.

The key is to make them! Now!

With each edition we would like to share the following advice and illustrations from David Beards great little book called “If only I’d known I’d live this long”! In stock and available for $30.

David’s is a highly qualified exercise physiologist, speaker and presenter specialising in aging and wellbeing. His series of humorous illustration that are thought out the book highlights his serious message that health is our greatest asset in old age and that your attitude makes the difference between thriving and surviving. Further details about David can be found at and

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