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With each edition we would like to share illustrations from David Beards
great little book called, "If I'd only known I'd live this long".

Get Checked Out Regularly CartoonPeople are often fanatical about making sure their car gets regularly serviced. We need to think about our bodies in the same way. Many people pay attention to their cars, but not their bodies. Men especially ignore small changes or warning signs and too often wait until a major health scare forces them to seek the advice of a health professional.

Health professionals advocate regular checks of certain indicators to identify potential problems before they can have major impact on health.

Anyone over 40 is advised to have regular health screening for simple things like blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Other tests might include an exercise stress test and bone density measures. As well as regular health checks, I recommend you have regular fitness test to see that you are keeping yourself in the best possible shape. This could include measures of aerobic capacity, strength and flexibility.

Businesses that grow and prosper are ones that conduct their own “health” checks regularly. As one of the most essential element in your business, don’t forget to apply the same strategic thinking to your health!

David is a highly qualified exercise physiologist, speaker and presenter specialising in aging and wellbeing. His series of humorous illustration that are thought out the book highlights his serious message that health is our greatest asset in old age and that your attitude makes the difference between thriving and surviving. Further details about David can be found at and

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