Coreldraw Tips and Techniques: Lasering Photo Images

Coreldraw Tips and Techniques

Lasering Photo Images

  1. You must start with a decent quality image of at least 300 DPI ideally 600 DPI
  2. You can either use Corel Draw or PhotoShop for basic image set up
  3. Editing of dark shadows, overall Contrast, soften shadows and harden definations


  • Step 1: Bitmaps menu Resample to 600dpi
  • Sydney Opera House at Step 1


  • Step 2: Effects menu Adjust - Contrast Enhancement make sure you minimise Black and White in by 10% on the sides of the scale bar...


  • Step 3: Bitmaps - Sharpen - Unsharpen mask adjust to suit the overall brightness of the image. You can then send the image through a quality laser driver that has Photo enhance functions or change to 1 bit Black/White in Corel.


  • Step 4: Converting to 1 Bit Black/White Bitmaps - Mode - Conversion Method - Javis
  • Sydney Opera House after Step 4