Menu Ready | Nerida Cooper | Part 1

With the advent of Master Chef, My Kitchen Rules, Hell’s Kitchen and a plethora of other shows about perfecting the dining experience. It is no wonder that restaurateurs – looking for that something extra special to whet the appetites of their clients – are turning to Nerida Cooper and her business ‘Menu Ready’ to create impeccable looking menus using a Rotary engraver and Rowmark products.

Nerida started Menu Ready fairly recently, but has already achieved success and delivered some really eye catching work.

“My company began in my head 18 months ago and is only now coming to fruition,” said Nerida. “There are many components being used to produce the end product that I am happy with, so there has been a of learning along the way.”

Although having dabbled with design previously, she had no prior experience working with a Rotary engraver. So, she has been able to achieve a lot in a very short period of time, not only coming to terms with the engraver’s capabilities but also understanding what can and can’t be done with the materials available.

“I enjoy using the engraving machine and discovering all the results which can be achieved,” says Nerida. “I love the balance of creativity with the need to be precise with the measurements and tools required for each job. Every project is a blend of both disciplines and that combination suits me. It’s very satisfying to balance working with advanced technology and designing and typing up the menus. I like to give the customer the full menu – the cover and the printed menu. The chef should spend their time creating in the kitchen, whereas I can create the menu and make sure it is set out and printed to their specifications.”

The desire to learn, combined with the need to be exact, is producing terrific results. The latest Rowmark Hardwood Walnut project Nerida is working on shows just how far she has come, as she develops and delivers wooden menu boards for ’Gusti’, a very upmarket Italian restaurant.

For this project, Nerida chose to use the Hardwood Range from Rowmark Australia. “I love the Hardwood range from Rowmark,” says Nerida. “I tried lots of different types of wood but the 3mm Harwood range is strong to withstand the daily use in the restaurant and the finish achieved using the engraver is great”.

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