Rowmark making the ordinary extraordinary

WHAT’S NEW!! We get excited about new products that we can offer our customers. Not only have we had a number of new products from Rowmark released this year. We have also sourced a range of standard cast Acrylics and LED stand to hold 3mm & 6mm acrylic that will make great custom gifts.


LUCENT is an indoor/outdoor, versatile, single-ply modify acrylic sheeting, 0.38mm gauge with a durable matte finish. Available in translucent clear and five translucent colours, it is now added to the portfolio of Rowmark options designed to meet the multiple needs of your customers and industry.

Lucents easily laser cuts with smooth finished edges and is ideal material for traffic and pavement marking stencils for use with spray- on or brush-on acrylic paints. Promotional products can be UV-LED printed with a splash of colour to create the ultimate finished products.

Message board MESSAGE BOARD products are easy-to use and lightweight. The dry-erase sheet material is specifically designed for use with standard dry-erase markers and the chalkboard sheet material is designed for use with standard chalk. With custom messaging trends showing no signs of slowing down, our Message Board sheet materials offer outstanding writing surfaces, perfect for offices, restaurants, bars, retail, weddings, special events, or even at home. The creative possibilities are endless.
Reverse LaserMark

LASERMARK REVERSE BRUSHED METALLIC FINISHES, will provide stunning architectural and ADA compliant signage. Designed with a matt sub-surface finish, these new finishes meet the demand from architects and designers for a metallic finish suitable for ADA tactile and wayfinding signage.

For fabricators the backing cover prevents shadowing when paint filling, raster and vector laserable, UV printing compatible and suitable for both interior and exterior environments.

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