About| Flexibrass & Flexicolor - Flexible, Lightweight and Tough

No problems! This was David Sproule Trophies & Corporate Awards (DSTCA)catch cry and a statement that holds true for Rowmark materials and our Flexi range, used by DSTCA and quality trophy shops throughout the world.

Rowmark Newsletter Issue7 Product hightlights An internal, 0.5mm 2ply flexible, lightweight and tough microsurfaced impact acrylics, Flexibrass was first introduced combining all the classic crisp definition of real brass. Providing all the advantages of acrylic, but safer and easier to use than real brass, fabricates easily and won’t tarnish. As the demand for this “thin gauge” material grew, Rowmark introduced metallics in both a smooth and brushed finished, patterns and core colour. This is the go to product for trophies awards and plaques and is laserable, rotary, UV Printable, screen printable, hot stamped, pad printed and even sand blasted. Rose Gold is the latest edition to the range.