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Rowmark’s LaserGlow™ LaserGlow in the Dark pictureis a non-radioactive flexible plastic substrate, that is the ideal choice for exit, emergency and wayfinding signage.

Specially engineered to exceed the photoluminescent standards set by many municipalities and organizations, including New York City Local Law 26.

In strict lighting term ( see IEC 60050-845-23:1987 and ISO 3864-1) Rowmark’s laserGlow is a “phosphorescent material”. Phosphorescence is photoluminescence delayed by storage of energy in an intermediate energy level. The luminescence of these material is caused by absorption of optical radiation. Laserglow does not use radioactive sources to function.


How LaserGlow Stacks Up

Comparison of the 3 most popular exit sign systems

Key Factors LED Radioluminescence



Energy Efficiency Good Better Best
Power Consumption 5 watts N/A N/A
Service Life 10 years 10-20 years Ulimited
Maintenance Electrical Expiration Date Dust
Disposal Hazard Yes Yes No

* LaserGlow exceeds Photoluminescent Standards


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