Product HighLights: LaserMAX

If you are looking for a durable, easy to laser “all round” material for Industrial, indoor, outdoor signs, compliant labels, or promotional, trophies, awards and plaques, LaserMAX answers the multiple needs of today’s laser engraver. LaserMAX Logo
Product HighLights LaserMAX Speedometr image

With the largest selection of colours, patterns, woods and metallic* finishes available, LaserMax engraving sheets are the most popular Rowmark laserable product. Providing a choice of 66 different colour combinations, its thin, durable top cap is UV LED printable and allows for a consistent, clean laser engraving. Available in 1.6mm and selected 0.8mm and 3.2mm gauges in stock, providing you with choice and consistency.

LaserMAX’s durable, UV weatherable, matte finish provides an extremely high degree of detail using low power setting as little heat is required to penetrate the 0.254mm (.001”) foil cap over an impact acrylic core. Ideal for all signage and great finish for photo engraving.

LaserMAX is the ideal choice for laser engraving and cutting, it scores, saws, shears and it can be rotary engraved as well.

LaserMax the laser engraver’s first choice.