Sign of The Month | LaserMax Directory

Our Sign of the Month packages make great sign samples!

Featuring LaserMAX 2ply 1.6mm external laminate in a frame-less directory, complete with cdr fabrication files and all materials needed to replicate this month’s sign.

Bend it, shear it, cut it, engrave it, laser it or UV print on it, fabrication friendly, weatherable and durable, discover the Rowmark difference.

We hope to provide a creative way for you to try different Rowmark products and/or colour combinations from our comprehensive and dynamic range.

Use a combination of your equipment to show case your expertise by customising this file to “pitch” for new business or for inhouse training to make great new samples for your showroom.

Charged out on a square millimetre rate for ONLY the material required, our SOM material packs offer terrific value for your business.

Rowmark Australia Newsletter Issue 6 Sign of the month

From creating a masterpiece, to providing specialised chemical resistant laminates, or producing custom colours – Rowmark has the right products for the right solutions.

If you need additional information or advice, please contact the office and speak to one of our specialist advisers.

For SOM costs and any additional information please email