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Our Sign of the Month Sign of the Month logopacks are excellent value with a ready to make Rowmarkable sign, all set to go, with cdr fabrication files and all materials for you to replicate this month’s sign.

Featuring Rowmark’s quality performers; the Premium Hardwoods, ColorHues, LaserMAX and ADA laminates, this pack represents the most cost-effective combination of Rowmark materials you can get to make a sign.

With over 2000 products, from 28 different product groups, we know many customers are unaware of the diverse and different solutions Rowmark can deliver.

We see this as a creative way for you to try different products and concepts that can easily be customised to create new display signs or to suit potential customers.

SOM material packs are charged out on a square millimetre rate for ONLY the material required. Fabricate using a laser, rotary engraver, incorporate UV-LED print or else use a combination of your equipment to show case your expertise.

Our SOM packs will provide you with a creative sign that you can use to pitch for new business, so take the opportunity to adapt these design files to make them your own.

#MakeyourMark #MakeitCount with Rowmark laminates.

For SOM costs and any additional information please email

  1. Email PO to
  2. Limit one pack per company.
  3. All SOM pack are available to all Rowmark account customers.
  4. Non account customers limit of 8 packs only per SOM issue and payment required before dispatch.
  5. Request file option pdf or cdr and state Corel Version.

Rowmark Premium Hardwoods Combination - Brewery Directional Sample Fabrication Piece Sizes. Does not reflect minimum sheet sizes Pieces included in SOM pack For Estimating pieces per full sheet For Estimating pieces 1/4 sheet
341-201 ColorHues White Opaque 3mm 600mm x 300mm 1 4 1
RW1224125MAH Mahogany Hardwoods 3mm w/adhesive 300mm x 300mm 1 2 2
RW1224125MAP Maple Hardwoods 3mm w/adhesive 300mm x 300mm 1 2 2
321-771 ADA Gold 1.6mm with adhesive 75mm x 75mm 1 72 18
LM922-204 LaserMAX white/black w/adhesive 120mm x 400mm 1 15 2
311-601 ADA red 0.8mm w/adhesive 50mmx100mm 1 144 36
311-201 ADA Bright White w/adhesive 150mm x 50mm 1 96 24
LM922-754 LaserMAX European Gold/Black w/adhesive 150mm x 20mm 1 30 6

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