The Naturals

The Naturals are an authentic, nature-inspired, engravable 2 ply laminate featuring the textured look of marble, granite and wood.

Named the Best New Markable Material at the 2018 Awards and Personalised International Expo, The Naturals not only look like they came right from the outdoors, but they feel like it too.

Their tough, exterior textured finish will stand up to the elements and provide a realistic representation of natural elements for your next signage project.

Easily fabricated with laser, rotary engravers, UV-LED printable, UV-stability and outdoor weatherability, The Naturals are a great option for customers looking for coordinating both interior and exterior signage and available in a 1.6mm gauge, 610mm x 1225mm sheet with 3.2mm ex-factory by special order.

Laserable Rotary Engravable Front Engravable UV-LED Printable Indoor Use Outdoor Weatherable UV Stable

Sample Request

The Naturals Marketing Sample
Main Specifications
Material: Microsurfaced Impact Acrylic
Finish: Textured
Sheet Size: 613mm x 1238mm
Engraving Depth: 0.08mm
Craft and Artistry Projects, Architectural Signage, Personalization, Exterior Signage, Signage Component
Scores, Drills, Laser Vector Cuts, Heat Bendable, Hot Stamps, Permits Fine Engraving, Saws, Shears, Bevels, Screen Prints, Bonds, UV Stable


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