Rowmark Sample Pack and New Product Sample Pieces for Your Evaluation

Rowmark Sample Pack

Much more than just white/black label material, Rowmark can offer a choice to your business from over 500 colour combinations, across 2000 products from 28 versatile product groups with quality, consistency of colours and durability of materials.  All sheets can be ordered with a range of  adhesive options applied to  ¼ , ½ and full 610mm x 1220mm sheets

The NaturalAdding a touch of nature to your next signage project

Rowmark LLC introduces another great new contemporary product line with The Naturals, an authentic, nature-inspired, engravable 2 ply laminate featuring the textured look of marble, granite and wood.

Named the Best New Markable Material at the 2018 Awards and Personalised International Expo, The Naturals not only look like they came right from the outdoors, but they feel like it too.

And just like their real-life counterparts, The Naturals have a tough, exterior textured finish that will stand up to the elements

The Naturals DL card

The Naturals provide an authentic material options featuring the textured look of marble, granite and wood, that was created at the request of customers looking for a true representation of natural elements.

Easily fabricated with laser or rotary engravers and UV-LED printable, UV-stability and outdoor weatherability, The Naturals is a great option for customers looking for coordinating both interior and exterior signage. The modern look of this product will also appeal to customers who create craft, artistry, signage and wayfinding projects

 Rose Gold

Rowmark Introduces the Real Rose Gold/Black in LaserMax 1.6mm, LaserMark 1.3mm and Flexibrass 0.5mm

Quickly becoming one of the sought after finishes in the craft, awards and signage markets… we are excited to now offer this colour option to you!

Rose Gold DL cards

Laser and rotary engravable, UV-LED printable, Rose Gold is ideal for interior signage, personal identification, trophies, awards, plaques and more. Now is stock, Rose gold is offered in a premium brushed metal finish and comes in a 610mm x 1225mm sheet sizes.

Colour trends come and go, but Rose Gold continues to be as popular finish that won’t be fading anytime soon

ColorTuff EXT ® is the industry’s first 5 year exterior sublimatable aluminium sheeting - available in sizes up to 2400mm x 1200mm and in 3 different finishes, it will stand up to the demands of the harshest environment.

With great outdoor weatherability, durability of colour and 5 year performance guarantee, ColorTuff EXT ® will open many opportunities for sign makers from Architectural, Wayfinding, Exterior Signage to Compliance Signage, Garden Art and Outdoor Informational Graphics.

Colortuff EXT ® guillotines cleanly, drills without chipping and crazing and is graffiti resistant for easy removal of spray paint and permanent markers and will provide great new option for sign makers.

ColorTuff EXT Sample

ColorShop  Woods, Real Wood, Real Choice

Rowmark's new ColorShop™ Woods are a birch timber sheeting that have vibrant colours infused right into the grain.  With 20 different choices from vivid, bright colours and natural whitewash to trending dark tones, all exposing beautiful wood grains,  ColorShop™ Woods have arrived, all ready to fabricate.
Laser, rotary engravable and UV-LED printable, the Rowmark woods offer the very best selection of options that will add a whole new element to craft, personalised gifts and artistry projects or as a signage component and exotic substrates.

ColorShop Wood™


Rowmark's FiberGrave is light weight, UV-stable, single ply modified acrylic that has been specifically engineered to make contrasting marks with a Fiber or YAG laser.
With a Matte finish this is perfect for exterior applications such as industrial tags, labels, and identification plates. It is available in Bright White and Jet Black, FiberGrave sheet products are 613mm x 1238mm in either 0.5mm or 1mm thickness.
If your company has Fibermarker lasers as the only equipment in the workshop, the new Fibergrave will open up opportunities for name plates., labels and tag. If you have running complimentary CO2 lasers or a Glavo lasers the speed of the marking capabilities of this laser type may provide advantages in high speed production of traceability products.