Choice, Flexibility and Versatility for Creativity

Debbie Tsang doesn’t have time to waste. As a busy Mum, a graphic design specialist and the driving force behind The Creative Laser, she’s got a lot on her plate. She can’t afford to waste her time and efforts with materials that don’t meet her standards. Especially when the work she does raises vital funds for schools and other organisations, and that’s why Debbie chooses Rowmark materials.

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In 2013, Debbie Tsang probably didn’t realise that the clever idea she had for her child’s Occasional Care Centre, would lead to the creation of a very innovative, unique laser marking business aptly named ... The Creative Laser.

“It all came about whilst organising a fundraising family fun day for my children’s Occasional Care centre to mark what was to be their 40th year of operation,” said Debbie. “As part of the celebrations, I pitched an idea to get families – both past and present – to sponsor a “tag” to be engraved with their message of support to be hung onto the outdoor playground fence. The fence was a bit run down and bare, so I got a donation from Dulux and asked families to “Sponsor a fence paling” The tags were to be stainless steel as I thought these would be the most durable material. After speaking with my husband, Jeff – a mechanical engineer by profession – about my challenge of finding a company to engrave the tags at a price that could still give us a decent fundraising profit, he suggested that he could source a laser machine and we could perhaps have a business use for it.”

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The company settled on a 100Watt Co2 Laser, quickly putting it to work to create vibrant pieces for fundraising activities as well as custom laser cutting and engraving services.

“We mainly do fundraising tags which form art installations in schools and at other organisations,” said Debbie. “Schools can decide what sort of installation they want and the location of their installation and what they are raising money for. Families sponsor an art tag (a laser cut element with engraving or messages). It’s an incredibly easy way to raise a significant amount of money for schools, with as little as one volunteer to co-ordinate things. Being a volunteer in fundraising for 7 years now, I know how challenging it can be to get enough volunteers and having to sell items people may not necessarily want and even less try to sell to others such as chocolates, books, etc.”

The work produced @theCreativeLaser has special significance and pride of place in many high-visibility, high-traffic areas. The materials they use have to be reliable, durable and very vibrant. That’s why Debbie chose to go with @RowmarkAu.

“I had seen and experimented with other brands,” said Debbie. “But we decided to use Rowmark materials mainly due to the colours available. I have found that the colours are more vibrant and saturated than some of their competitors, and I have never had an issue with the surface quality. Rowmark Australia provides good service in supplying me with materials when I need them, dispatching goods and cutting them to my specifications. Because of the type of work we create and where it is located, we need a product that is UV stable and very durable. I have been testing Rowmark LaserMax products in sunny places at my children’s schools and created signage for their uniform shop in the shape of a shirt, shorts, face and hat. In tough conditions, the colour and vibrancy of the sign still looks amazing.”

Debbie is currently working on another signage project at her children’s school, having redesigned their school map and all classrooms and other way-finding information signage which she really likes doing. It’s one of the satisfying aspects of the work she does, especially seeing the children’s artworks come to life and be installed using the Rowmark materials.

The Creative Lasers company tags
“It makes an incredible difference to a learning environment to have colour and form decorate plain brick or concrete walls,” said Debbie.

The future is bright for this growing enterprise. With great design skills, a go-get’em attitude and the right material support, The Creative Laser can be just that ... creative.