Laserable Giftware

Rowmark Australia’s wide range of quality engravable and laserable giftware products are designed to provide a compelling variety of gift ideas for your customers.

From customisable cutting boards to stainless steel mugs, thermal tumblers and vintage hip flasks as well as a range of specialist plaques and celebratory items, there is something to appeal for every occasion. Every product is stylishly presented and features Rowmark’s renowned ease of use for a highly professional finish.

Product range

Agate Stone Plaques

Agate plaques are a slice of nature, a blank slate of colourful rock face ready for your creativity. Rowmark Australia’s Agate Stone Plaques are highly engrave-able and make great name plates, office or bedroom signs, decorative clock faces or even pet burial plaques.

Bamboo Cutting Boards

Personalised Bamboo Cutting Boards look striking and make an ideal affordable wedding or Mother’s Day gift. Rowmark Australia’s Bamboo Cutting Board range provides a blank canvas for you and your customer’s creativity.

Made of quality materials that are highly laserable so you can easily attain a fantastic personalised finish that will please the most discerning customers.

These boards are available in a range of sizes and make great cheese or party platters.

Bamboo Coffee and Tea range

Our Bamboo Coffee & Tea travel mugs enables you to create personalised giftware for your customers that recipients will be able to carry with them everywhere they go. The natural look and durability of bamboo, combined with ease-of-use laser engrave-ability, means you can add easily create personalised designs to appeal to wide audience of customers.

Engraving Dog Tags

Rowmark Australia’s Dog Tags provide an affordable but compelling gift idea for your customers’ furry friends, allowing them to create fun, personalised dog tags that look great on beloved pets.

Our dog tags come in four eye-catching colours and the bright chrome finish can be etched with a fibre laser or using a diamond drag or rotary engraver to create a practical and personalised gift.

Stainless Steel Hip Flasks

Rowmark Australia’s Stainless steel Hip Flasks reflect a classic vintage design and are presented in a stylish gift box.

These 240ml flasks are available in two quality finishes. The brushed stainless steel finish can be laser marked using a metal marking paste such as Cermark, or engraved with a fibre or diode laser. The matt black, powder coated finish easily engraves with a CO2 laser.

Engrave any design you like on them to create a charming impression at parties, camping, barbecues or any other outing.

Marble Acacia Wood Cutting Boards

Express your love in stone with Rowmark Australia’s Marble and Wood
Combination Cutting Boards. These beautiful cutting boards are highly
durable, with the elegant look of marble guaranteed to make a lasting

The addition of these products to Rowmark Australia’s giftware range
means you can easily create personalised designs for your customers
that will make memorable wedding, Mother’s Day or other celebration

Slate Frames and Trays

Slate has been a feature of homes for centuries for a reason - it is heat and cold resistant with appealing aesthetics and durability, at home in contemporary and traditional settings. Rowmark Australia’s Slate Frames and Trays harness the classic looks of slate and combine it with engraving capacity to create a range of beautiful and affordable giftware opportunities.

Through laser engraving, you will be able to create striking patterns or personalised designs that will make unique wedding, anniversary or other celebration gifts. Contact your Rowmark Australia team for more information on the versatility of the Slate Frames and Trays range.

Slate Cutting Boards

Rowmark Australia’s Slate Cutting Boards take the beautiful product of slate and combine it with industry-leading engraveables know-how to create a perfect giftware option for your customers.

These slate cutting boards can be personalised for any occasion, giving your customers unique kitchen works of art that will compliment homes for a lifetime. Ideal for wedding or anniversary gifts, or creating a cheese platter that will leave a lasting impact. Call the Rowmark Australia team today for more information.

Powder Coated Thermal Drinkware

Made from quality, highly durable materials, these stainless steel mugs and flasks come in a range of colours and sizes and make great Father’s Day, birthday or other celebratory gifts your customers will love. Rowmark Australia’s Thermal Drinkware provide easy-to-engrave giftware range for your customers.

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