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All SOM packages are available for purchase online to Rowmark’s account customers. There is a limit of only 18 SOM packs available to non-account customers.

This edition of our SOM is limited to 18 sign packs for non-account customers. For account customers, our SOM packages are available to account customers as an inventory items.

With 28 different product groups across the Rowmark range, we know many customers are unaware of the diverse and different solutions we can deliver.

With this month’s special PacPrint Sign of the Month using a combination of Rowmark’s ColorHues, Lasermax and ADA laminates. We are celebrating a renown Melbourne establishment with Mr TULK. This is a café and dining hall in Melbourne CBD, named after Mr Tulk and pays homage to Augustus Henry Tulk the library’s first Chief Librarian who helped build the library’s impressive collection in his 17 years on the job.

SOM sign packs consist of everything needed to replicate this sign including the cdr design file, providing a practical and cost effective way to introduce you to a range of Rowmarkable sign opportunities.

We hope to provide your business with great sign sample that you can customise by changing the name and details, to use pitch for new business and opportunities. Our SOM costs are charged out on a square millimetre rate for ONLY the material required and nothing more. So no wastage or extra charges for the full, half or quarter sheets normally required providing savings of 43% on material costs (including stand offs) with Mr Tulk.

Fabricate with a laser, engrave or UV-LED print, or use a combination of equipment and promote your capabilities with a great sign and “Make your Mark” and “Make it Count” with Rowmark.

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