• A Corel draw design for print merge
  • An Excel file with CSV format (Example: abc.csv)

Step 1: Open the Corel design. Then navigate to File > Print Merge > Create/load Print Merge as shown in the following image.

Step 2: Print Merge Wizard dialog box will be displayed as below. Select “Import text from a file or an ODBC data source”, then click on Next button.

Step 3: Locate the file source, which is the Excel file within CSV format. Click on “Browse” icon and select the file.

Make sure to select the file types as “Comma separated File (*.csv)” from the drop down menu next to File name.

Step 4: Once you select the file, press Next button. A dialog box will appear within information from the Excel file. Please double check to ensure you are using the right data. Then, press Next.

Another dialog will appear to show all data from the Excel file. Press Next when you finish checking the data.

Step 5: Finish the wizard box.

Step 6: From Corel Draw x7 screen, you now can access Print Merge toolbar as shown below.

From the toolbar, select the field you want to add to your design and click on “Insert Print Merge Field”. The field is then added as a text object (Repeatedly process with other fields).

Step 7: Click on Merge to New Document. You now can print with your printer with all printing objects allocated on the plate.

Press OK button. The laser printer application will appear, you can allocate the designs from the Print Queue on the plate.