Electrical Traffolyte Labelling & Signage Engraving Supplies


Rowmark Australia supplies a wide range of engraving materials which you can use to laser engraving electrical Traffolyte labels and signage. 

You can use Rowmark engraving Traffllyte labels for applications such as electrical switchboards, power points, data cables, solar system.

Rowmark has the best electrical Traffolyte materials for these applications. Our materials ensure sharp and durable results.

View some of our popular ranges below. If you need any help or questions regarding our Traffolyte labels, don't hesitate to contact us.



Rowmark’s Textures are simply our best product for industrial, high traffic areas due to its tough surface that resists fingerprints, grease and grime. The Textures are laserable, UV stable and outdoor weatherable.



Answering the needs of today’s laser engraver, LaserMax® features include an enhanced heat tolerance and UV stable color foils. Available in a variety of colors, metals and patterns, LaserMax® is engineered for cleaner and faster engraving.



LaserMax TriLAYER now offers 5 different compliant colour combinations eliminating the need for paint filling, with no more mess and no additional labour costs delivering greater efficiencies in the workshop.

Laser, Rotary and UV printable, TriLAYER is a UV stable, external three-layered modified acrylic laminate with a durable Matt finish.



Rowmark's LaserGlow™ products are specially engineered to exceed the photoluminescent standards set by many municipalities and organizations. LaserGlow™ has been tested by independent laboratories and meets or exceeds NYC MEA standards, the Photoluminescent standards for DIN, NYC local law 26 of 2004, and the IMO.

Constructed of non-radioactive material, LaserGlow™ flexible plastic is the ideal choice for egress, emergency, and exit signage.


FlexiBrass® & FlexiColor®

FlexiBrass® & FlexiColor® have the flexibility to wrap around a curved surface, such as trophies, and serve a multitude of purposes in the ad specialty and indoor signage markets. It’s easy to fabricate, lightweight, and will not tarnish like brass.