Elevate Your Engraving with Nature's Elegance

The Naturals Collection

Immerse your craft in the beauty of the great outdoors with The Naturals. This exquisite range of two-ply laminates captures the textured essence of marble, granite, and wood in an engravable form. Perfectly blending aesthetic appeal with functionality, The Naturals inspire designs that resonate with authenticity and longevity. The naturals are the perfect materials for using our laser engravers for wood.

Hardwood Laminate

For those who treasure wood's timeless appeal, our Hardwood Laminate collection presents the richness of Oak, Maple, Walnut, Cherry, and Mahogany. Crafted with care, each piece consists of five layers of single-ply hardwood, meticulously laminated for enhanced strength and stability. Available in 3 mm and 6mm thicknesses, our hardwood variants offer versatility and are laserable on both sides to bring your visions to life.

ColorShop Woods

Add a dash of dynamism to your projects with ColorShop Woods. These aren't your average wood sheets; they're injected with vibrant colours that penetrate deep into the grain. Ideal for hand-crafted projects that demand a burst of colour, ColorShop Woods ensures that your creative touch stands out with personality and style.

Laser Woods

Expect outstanding results with our Laser Wood Laminates. Featuring a sturdy Fiberboard core and wood laminate on each side, these sheets are sanded to silky perfection and sealed with a crystal-clear coat. They're designed to glide through your laser engraving processes seamlessly, resulting in impeccably detailed work showcasing wood'ss natural beauty.

Discover the Uniqueness of Natural Variations

At Rowmark Australia, we appreciate the distinctiveness brought by natural differences. The colour and grain of our wood products will vary, adding a unique character to each piece—ensuring that no two creations are identical.

Sustainability at the Core

All our Wood laminate sheets are centred around an MDF/fibreboard core and are proudly formaldehyde-free, aligning with our commitment to environmental responsibility.

Whether you're a seasoned professional or an enthusiast starting a new project, our premium engraving materials are tailored to meet your needs. Experience the quality and durability that elevate Rowmark Australia as the go-to choice nationwide for laser engravers for wood.

Laser Engravers for Wood

At Rowmark Australia, we also supply a variety of Laser Engraving Machines, Laser Cutters, Rotary Engraving Machines and Engraving Tools that can be used for engraving on wood. Contact us to find out the best engravers & cutters for your applications.