Laserglow Glow With Adhesive

Laserglow Glow With Adhesive

SKU: LG302911

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Main Specifications

Impact Acrylic
Matte non-glare
Sheet Size
613mm x 1238mm
Engraving Depth:
0.56mm, 0.64mm
Interior Signage, Exterior Signage, Illuminated Wayfinding, ADA Compliant, Tactile Signage, Safety Signage, Recreational Signage, Egress and Exit Signage, Industrial Signage/Tags, MEA Certified MEA#203-08-M
Saws, Drills, Shears, Laser Vector Cuts, Bevels, Heat Bendable, Screen Prints, Hot Stamps, Bonds, Back-Lighting

Adhesive Option FAQs

Rowmark Australia offers 5 adhesive options when you purchase our sheets