Reflect-R-Mark Blue/White

Reflect-R-Mark Blue/White

SKU: RM322512

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Product Description

Rowmark's Reflect-R-Mark flexible engraving product is not only outdoor weatherable and UV stable, but it reflects brightly in the dark when light hits the surface.
The prism surface is weather resistant and specially formulated to reflect light, similar to the way a reflector does on a bicycle.

Please note: Vector cut only will not raster, must be Rotary Engrave

Main Specifications

Impact Acrylic
Sheet Size
610mm x 1219mm
Engraving Depth
Exterior Signage, Equipment ID Tags, Safety Signage, Recreational Signage, Egress and Exit Signage, Industrial Signage, Control Panels, Industrial Signage/Tags
Saws, Drills, Shears, Bevels, Heat Bendable, Bonds

Adhesive Option FAQs

Rowmark Australia offers 5 adhesive options when you purchase our sheets